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CS Tutors
CS Tutors

The Tutors have been hired by the Computer Science Department to help students in CS161 through CS311 with coursework, programming and the local computing environment. The Tutors are Computer Science students who have strong communication skills and a demonstrated mastery of the basic undergraduate Computer Science curriculum. The mission of this team is to provide a positive work environment for our peers by sharing our experience as undergraduate Computer Scientists.


The tutors are located in suite 88 in the basement of the Fourth Avenue Building.  The CS Linux and CS Windows labs are also located in suite 88. 


You may contact tutors by email with your questions; send mail to tutors at:

You can also reach the on duty tutor by phone at 503-725-4056, although email or SLACK (below) are more reliable.

The Tutor Supervisor is Xuan Tang.


The tutors are open for drop in tutoring 11-6 Monday - Friday and 12-6 Saturday.

The Lab Library
Located in the same room as the tutors, the CS Tutor Library contains many reference manuals and technical books, videos and other resources covering many facets of computer science.

Tutors are now using Slack for electronic, non-email communications. To sign in, you will need to create an account. First click sign in, and enter pdx-cs as the slack domain. Then click create an account and enter your ODIN email. 

IRC Chat
We no longer answer questions over IRC, please use SLACK or email us at

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