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intellab-sm.jpg The Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science (Maseeh College) provides numerous computing environments for student users that support classwork or research. This section of the CAT website provides access to information that may be useful to student users.

New Student Overview
An introduction to CAT services for students who are new to MCECS.

How to Contact the CAT
The CAT (The Computer Action Team) is the computer support organization for Maseeh College. This section describes ways to get their attention.

The skinny on how accounts are created, what it takes for you do get one, etc.

A roadmap of computing labs in Maseeh College and the accounts needed
to use them.

Students get a printing quota. This talks about how, where and how much, in addition to more mundane stuff like where the printers are, what they are called and how to print to them.

Password Problems
Did you forget it? Is it not working? Do you think someone has stolen it? Then read this.

Remote Access
How to access various key MCECS services from outside our wired network. Read this section if you are on campus wifi or trying to connect to some of our services from an offsite location. 

Laptop Guide
If you want to bring your own laptop in and get online, read on. Covers getting you NIC registered, how to get to file and print services, etc.

Wireless guide
Parts of Maseeh College are covered by wireless. If your laptop comes with a wireless NIC (802.11), you are in luck.

Part of getting to use all this fancy stuff also means that you need to follow some guidelines known as AUPs (acceptable use policies). Read this, as it may keep you out of trouble.

Remote Mail Access
How to get to our e-mail services from the outside.

CRAM - for MCECS Account Activation and Password Changes Print
Written by johnj   
Friday, 15 August 2014

CRAM is the CAT Remote Account Manager.  If you have an active Odin Account (because you are an active PSU Student, Faculty or Staff member), then you can use it at:

You must use your Odin ID to get into CRAM.

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