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Software In Linux Labs Print
Written by sage   
Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Based on departmental requests, the CAT installs a large number of software packages on supported Linux systems. The software list below also indicates which environments the software is installed in. You will need to have some knowledge of how to operate in a Linux environment - particularly in using the shell - in order to use these tools.

The CAT is primarily involved in the installation of the software. Coaching on how to use the software and debugging your projects are beyond the scope of what the CAT can provide. Please refer to your instructor or TA and documentation they provide for guidance.

Note that most of the the software included in this list is installed based on faculty directives and applies to current courses being taught or research interests. This means that the versions of the software installed and whether they will continue to exist is driven by these factors. Please make sure that you are in contact with the faculty members or departments before relying on the long term use of any specific piece of software on this list

Click here to view the list of notable software installed on CAT supported Linux Systems.


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