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Papercut Print
Friday, 03 September 2010
Recently, we changed our printing systems. Printing should still function the same as before, only now there will be a new web interface to allow easier access to printing information, and to a new feature called web print. The new interface for controlling your print jobs and accessing your print account info is called Papercut. You can login by going to and entering your MCECS credentials.

When you first log in to Papercut, you’ll see a summary of your balance, number of jobs printed, and total pages printed, a chart tracking your monetary printing history,  and a little chart of the environmental impact of your printing.  



Recent Print Jobs

Image will continue to display all past history of print jobs and costs incurred prior to September 7th, 2010.To check your printing history after that date, you’ll need to look in Papercut. The “Recent Print Jobs” link will display the job name, the printer, the cost, and the time and day the job was printed on.

Transaction History



If you’re just looking for an overview of costs, the link “transaction history” will give a brief summary of the day of the money transaction, the type of money transaction, such as print job, or


Web Print


Printing from your laptop just got easier.  With web print you can simply log in to Papercut, go to web print, select the printer, the number of jobs, and upload a file from your computer to print.  Regular charges apply to web printing.  The following printers are currently available for web print: 


Please note the kinds of documents that are printable are limited to the following:



Guide To Web Print

  1. Log in to with your MCECS credentials.  
  2. go to the "webprint" link on the sidebar.
  3. Click "Submit a job"
  4. Select the appropriate printer.
  5. Select the number of copies, and click upload documents.
  6. Use the browse button to find the document on your computer. Please note the file type is restricted to those listed. Select upload and complete.
  7.  You should be taken to the Active jobs page. Your job will show, along with submission progress, status, and cost. 


Last Updated ( Friday, 03 September 2010 )

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