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Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Using Your Laptop

Before you can use your laptop in an Maseeh College area you must register it with us.
This does not apply to wireless interfaces; you can just connect to wireless and enter your password when redirected to a login page.

You can register your laptop at:
The webpage will ask for your Maseeh College username and password.

Once you have registered your laptop you can use any jack labeled "Laptop" in EB and FAB. DO NOT! unplug another machine in order to plug in your laptop. It won't work, and you'll be hunted down for disconnecting a functioning machine that others were probably logged in to.

You must authenticate to our VPN in order to access CECS resources from a public laptop port or from wireless. Information on our VPN see our windows and linux guides

Faculty: if you wish to use your laptop in your office, we can assign a hostname to your laptop. This means you will not have to use the VPN to access internal CAT services, because you will be part of the CECS network. To request a new computer be connected to the network (in this case your laptop is just another computer), please fill out the "add host" form:

Accessing MCECS Resources

Bring up a Command (Dos) Prompt (Start -> Run -> "cmd"). Type in

The following commands are run from a Command (Dos) Prompt.
It can usually be found by going to Start -> Run -> "cmd".

username - your CECS windows username

container - your Windows container will probably be one of the following. You may want to check by logging into a windows box in the lab and using the command "net user username /domain". Your container should be shown at the bottom of the output

*HDR_Home03 Where Home03 is the container we need.

Your container can also be found by checking intranet. Under windows quota, the path should look similar to:

Location \\\Home02\mwilliam


connect to the print server...

net use \\ /user:CECS\username

You can now add a networked printer from \\ This is in the CECS domain. Of course the "net use" command is redundant, you can just browse to \\ and enter your username as "CECS\username" and your password.

Windows Home Directory (N: drive)

The following command will map your Windows home directory to the n: drive. You can use any drive letter you wish as long as it isn't already mapped.

net use n: \\\container\username 


Unix Home Directory (S: drive)

The following command will map your unix home directory to the u: drive. You can use any drive letter you wish as long as it isn't already mapped.

net use s: \\\common /user:CECS\username

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