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web_links.jpgCATnet - Physical Infrastructure

The CAT operates CATnet, the network infrastructure for the college. Consisting primarily of Cisco Systems gear, the Maseeh College network includes FAB, EB, CECS Annex and part of SRTC. The network is built on top of campus telecom's copper and fiber infrastructure, which is shared with Telecom and OIT (PSU's central IT organization).

CATnet provides gigabit ethernet connections throughout, with IDF's fed with multiple gigabit or 10 gigabit links. 

CATnet requires that users register each host with our Intranet before it can have network access

CATnet also includes WiFi access points (802.11 a,g,n currently), which work with OIT's controllers to extend campus Wifi into MCECS spaces.

CATnet - Services

  • E-mail forwarding Services
  • Web Services
  • Remote logins (UNIX, Linux and Windows)
  • Database Services
  • Wireless net access

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