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PSU Google Mail FAQ Print
Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Q. How much storage is available with my PSU e-mail?
A. Your PSU e-mail can hold up to 30GB of mail, including spam, trash, etc. If
you near this limit, you will receive warning via e-mail.
Q. If my mailbox is full, what happens when I receive e-mail?
A. The e-mails sent to you will bounce.
Q. How big can my e-mails be?
A. The maximum size any individual e-mail can be(including text and
attachments) is 25GB. The old limit, when we ran our own mail, was 50GB.
Q. How do I forward out to multiple e-mail addresses from my PSU Google
A. The process of forwarding to multiple addresses through Gmail is done by
using multiple mail filters. We have documentation here:
Q. Where can I find my settings for my PSU Google Mail account?
A. You access your settings through a gear in the upper right corner of the
Gear Menu
Q. How can I set up Thunderbird with a PSU Google Mail account?
A. The process is documented here .
Q. Does this e-mail account expire?
A. PSU e-mail accounts expire once a student hasn't enrolled in classes for one
year; for example, if you took your last class in Fall term of 2012, your
e-mail would have expired in Fall 2013.
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