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Printing via CECS SAMBA from Mac OS X 10.7 or later Print
Written by johnj   
Tuesday, 19 February 2013

This procedure will only work if you have local administrator privileges on your computer.

NOTE: If you are not on a network computer, or using a wired connection, you will need to be connected to the VPN )

Troubleshooting tip: If the job status is "hold for authentication" but you did not see a authentication popup, cancel the print job and try again.

  1.  Open Terminal from your Applications/Utilities directory.

  2. Type "cupsctl WebInterface=yes" and press return.

  3. Open a web browser, type "localhost:631" into the address bar, and press return. This should bring you to the Cups homepage for your computer.


  4. Click on the "Administration" tab at the top of the page.


  5. Under "Printers", click "Add Printer". Here you will need to enter a username and password. Make sure to use the administrator username and password for your local computer, *not* your CECS account. 

    Image Image
  6. Select "Windows printer via spoolss", under "Other Network Printers", and click "Continue".

  7. In the "Connection" field, enter "smb://[name_of_printer]". For example, "smb://", for the CS Lounge printer. Click "Continue".


  8. Enter a name, description, and location for your printer. These will help you identify this printer at the system print dialog.


  9. Select the appropriate model for your printer. If you're not sure, selecting "Generic", clicking "Add Printer", and then selecting "Generic PostScript Printer (en)" is generally a good choice. Once you are finished, click "Add Printer"


  10. Select any printer-specific options, then click "Set Default Options".

    Image Image

  11. Run the following in the terminal: lpadmin -p PRINTERNAME -o auth-info-required=negotiate 

  12. The printer should now show up in your "Printers" tab and you should be able to print to it using the System Print Dialog. When asked to authenticate, make sure to use your MCECS username and your MCECS password.

More troubleshooting: 

Note: Printing a test page using the CUPS interface may not work. You may need to test the printer using the system print dialogue.  

If your computer is running OS X Yosemite, and you never get prompted for authentication, follow the steps below. Other symptoms include the printer status changing to paused whenever you try to print, even after manually resuming.

1) Open the Go menu and choose connect to server.

2) Enter in smb:// as the address, and press the + to favorite it and click connect.

3) When prompted, enter your username in the form cecs\yourusername and password. Also click remember credentials and press connect.

4) A window should pop asking which volumes to mount, none should be listed. This is ok, we have now connected to msprint.

These steps may have to be repeated on machine reboot. Feel free to contact us at about making this automatic on login. 


If the above does not work, all the printers may need to be removed and re-added.
Instructions can be found from Apple support.



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