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OpenVPN for iOS Print
Written by Eric Kaiser   
Friday, 23 June 2017


  1. Download the OpenVPN App from the App Store:
  2. Image

  3. Download the CECS OpenVPN Profile:

  4. Tap "Install" 
  5. Image

  6. Type in your passcode, and tap "Done" 
  7. Image

  8. Tap "Install", then tap "Install" again, then tap "Done" 
  9. ImageImage

  10. Open the OpenVPN App

  11. Type your username (1) and password (2) in, and then tap the "Save" switch (3). Then tap the unlabeled switch under "Disconnected" (4).
  12. Image

  13. If this is your first time using OpenVPN, you'll be prompted to allow OpenVPN to enable VPN connections (don't worry, this is a one-time operation). Tap "Yes" at the prompt. Then, you should be connected!  
  14. ImageImage

  15. If you would like to connect to the Full-Tunnel VPN (the Half-Tunnel should be selected by default), tap "MCECS-OpenVPN-Half", select "MCECS-OpenVPN-Full", tap "< OpenVPN", and then follow step 7 again. 
  16. Image


You can easily enable the VPN anytime in the future without needing to start the OpenVPN app itself, by using the system VPN control switch in Settings

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