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Connecting to Windows Shares from Your Mac Print
Written by johnj   
Tuesday, 01 November 2005

Instructions for connecting to Unix samba server is also included below.

You can connect to Windows computers and servers on your network from your Mac. You will need to set up and be connected to the VPN. In the event that you are unable to successfully VPN to MCECS before attempting to RDP to some Windows box, you can use SSH tunneling to accomplish the same goal. Directions on Setting up an SSH tunnel to allow you to RDP to an MCECS Windows box can be found here.

You can connect to it using the Connect To Server dialog in the Finder.

To locate the Windows computer, you need to know the workgroup name  for the computer and the network name (called the "computer name") for the computer. To connect to the computer, you also need a user name and password and the name of the shared folder you want to access.


  1. In the Finder, choose Go > "Connect to Server.

  2. Type the network address for the computer in the Server Address text box using one of these formats:

    smb://DNSname/sharename smb://IPaddress

  3. Next we need to know where your windows home folder and profile live. Navigate to and login.
In the windows quota section, HomeXX is the folder we need for the home folder, likewise ProfileXX is for your profile. 
  1. Enter your username and password, placing CECS\ before your password. Like so, CECS\username and choose the shared folder you want to access when prompted. Dept will lead to department stashes, and HomeXX and ProfileXX will lead to windows home folders, and profiles. Use the HomeXX (ex Home02) you got from intranet.
  2. Then Your files will be in a folder named the same as your username.


If you connect to the shared folder using Connect to Server, its icon may appear in the Finder window Sidebar or on your desktop.

To connect to the Unix samba server (S: and U: drives):
Follow the instructions above, but place smb:// in the Server Address field.
Don't forget to place CECS\username in the username field.

Connecting to a department Share (Z: drive) Follow 1-3 above and use smb:// Replacing name_of_department with the name of the share, like CS or ECE or ME. IF you do not know the name of the share, remove name_of_department from the end. Then when you connect, a folder will pop up containing the various department shares, ie cs, ece, etc. Navigate to the appropriate folder.

To connect to the a stash:
Follow 1-3 above and use smb://, replacing name_of_stash with the name of your stash.


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