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Friday, 16 September 2005
Lab Rules and Guidelines

    Failure to follow Lab Rules could result in suspension of account and computer privileges.

  • Sealable drink containers are allowed in the labs. Rule of thumb, if you feel safe inverting it over your lap, it is ok. 

  • Other food and beverages are not allowed to be at the workstations or consumed in any of the labs. There are Food & Drink tables inside of EB325 and outside of most of the other labs for you to leave your food.

  • Backpacks are not allowed on the computer tables in the labs.

  • Keep your account and password secure

  • Use labs and computers for course work and projects only.

  • Keep loud conversations outside, away from the labs.

  • Relinquish systems with limited resources to other users if you aren’t using that resource (i.e., scanners, etc.).

  • Please do not tamper with equipment, cables, or software installations.

  • Duplication of copyrighted disks, software, or manuals is prohibited.

  • Computers are not to be locked for more 10-15 minutes. Computers left unattended longer may be assumed to be available for use and any processes on that device terminated.

  • Music is not allowed in the labs unless the speakers are off and you are using headphones

  • Speak quietly when conversing with others in the labs.

  • Printers are self-serve. Clean up after yourself and be sure to file unclaimed print jobs near the printer. Do not leave a mess for others to clean up. Review the document or image you are about to print to avoid unnecessary copies.

  • Users submitting large or complex print jobs need to make sure that their jobs complete properly and not cause jams or hangups.

  • The maintenance of all equipment in the labs is the responsibility of the support staff. Do not reboot or power cycle equipment or tamper with them in any other way. Do not disconnect, open, or swap any components on the equipment. Report problems of non-functioning hardware to the CAT.

  • When gesturing to the screen, please ensure that you do not touch the screen with your finger, pen, or pencil. These leave marks which can make it difficult to see the screen, and can damage the screen.

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