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Tuesday, 08 February 2005

warningWith the explosive growth of the net, we have also noticed an explosion in the number of users on our systems frequenting IRC. This message is for all those (and wannabe) IRC users.

IRC's rather chaotic (and sometimes anarchic) culture often lends itself to expressions of anti-social behavior by its users. However, we require all our users to be responsible net citizens, at least while using our departmental computing and network resources. The fact that IRC (and much of the net today, it seems) is littered with people who enjoy annoying others and being pests in general, there is no reason for you, gentle user, to treat them as role models. Image

The NOT's

The following is a list of "do not do's" on most channels and over IRC as a whole:

  • Do not flood the channel with text. This can be extremely frustrating for people over slow modem connections, and is likely to get you instantly kicked.
  • Do not use beeps in your messages.
  • Do not use profanity in your public messages.
  • Do not harass another user with unwanted messages/comments etc.
  • Do not indulge in *destructive* behavior which reduces the functionality of IRC. (such as running clonebots/floodbots/nick colliders - this can lead to your system admin being notified).


As a matter of system resource utilization, we take a rather dim view of people running bots on our systems due to their rather CPU intensive nature. As the person who receives the complaints, I am also tired of getting mail from exasperated IRC admins who tell us "We getting hammered by a bot being run from one of your systems by user so-and-so. Could you please garrote him?"

We will kill all unauthorized bots we see on the system and suspend your account, pending a chat. If you want to run a bot, have your faculty advisor (or faculty member for whom you are doing this project) send us the okay.

So, if you wish to explore the exciting (and tumultuous) world of IRC, do take pains to do so in a civilized manner. If there are people out there who are making your blood boil, refrain from sending them a sample of your most vitriolic prose and go do something that calms you down (like Group Theory homework.... that's calm and logical isn't it?).

We do react to complaints and we do so sternly.

Janaka Jayawardena
Director of Computer Systems - Maseeh College

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