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CAT Irc Server Guidelines Print
Written by fester   
Saturday, 17 September 2005
  • The server, IRC.CAT.PDX.EDU, is intended to be used by the online community in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science as a means of communication and support. While anyone can join and use the server, the administrators of this server (the Computer Action Team) reserve the right to remove or restrict access of disruptive users.

  • Server admins may, at their discretion:

    • ask a user to change their behavior
    • remove the user from a channel or from the server
    • assume ownership of channels a user has created
    • take additional steps they deem necessary to preserve the utility of the server

    The administrative rights may be extended to deal with situations as needed in order to maintain the communication and support functions the server provides to the community.

  • Users are prohibited from impersonating a server admin, support person, instructor, or staff member of Maseeh College.

  • Users may not create channels advertised as an official channel for any College resources or programs unless they have been specifically delegated that authority by the College.

  • In addition to this Acceptable Use Policy the users of this server are required to follow the more general user policies detailed at

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