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articles.jpgUse of the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science computing facilities are governed by a set of guidelines that have evolved over time and continue to be revised as necessary to accommodate advances in technology and usage patterns. It is our goal to provide as flexible an environment for our users as possible without jeopardizing security and preventing misuse of resources.

PSU's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs the use of all computers on College of Engineering networks. It covers basic authentication and resource usage guidelines as well as misuse of services.

Some things for users to note:

  1. Food is not allowed to be at the workstations or consumed in any of the labs. There are Food & Drink tables inside of EB325 and outside of most of the other labs for you to leave your food. Sealable drink containers are allowed at workstations, but no open containers (such as coffee mugs) are.
  2. Your user accounts are not for sharing with others
  3. Do not lock lab stations for extended periods of time without permission
  4. Do not hog resources on systems to the detriment of other users
  5. If you administer your own system (perhaps your own desktop in your office or laptop on our networks), beware of allowing unauthorized users on to your your systems or performing activities that may be in violation of the AUP.

That last clause is becoming increasingly important as copyright-droids scour file sharing services, targeting hosting institutions with cease-and-desist orders. The campus has recently hired a Campus Network Security Officer who has been busy dealing with these reports. We have seen students lose their PSU access and have to deal with the sometimes byzantine labyrinth of appeals processes to get their access back. So, do be careful.

In addition to the PSU AUP, we have more specific guidelines that cover the use of resources such as computer labs, mailing lists, IRC services, etc.

If you are unable to get a clear definition about where you stand on an issue, please contact us at

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