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Windows Computer Lab Reloads - 9/11 through 9/22 Print
Written by Janaka Jayawardena   
Thursday, 07 September 2017

From Sep 11th through the 22nd (a two week period), the CAT will be reloading the computers in a number of MCECS computer labs. The reloads will being a newer revision of Windows 10 as well as newer versions of software as needed.

Labs targeted are:

MCECS FAB General Lab  - FAB 55-17

MCECS EB General Lab - EB 325

CEE Civil 3D Lab - EB 390

ECE Circuits Lab - FAB 60-01

ECE Capstone Lab - FAB 60-04

ETM SD Computer Lab - FAB 55-02

MME MCAE Lab - EB 420

We will be working on one lab at a time. Departmental staff will be contacted before working on departmental labs. One of the General labs will stay open during the work.

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