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Webserver Access Print
Wednesday, 21 September 2005 serves as the webserver for


Maseeh College Faculty/Staff/Students who have activated their accounts will automatically get access to

For your convenience the following urls will be redirected to


Accessing from an Maseeh College Windows machine

use Windows Explorer, Network Neighborhood, My Network Places, or My Computer (depending on your preference and your operating system)
connect to \\unix\solaris\unixhome\public_html  (This directory points to the UNIX public_html directory on
Note: this will only work if the username you are connecting to on is the same as the one you are logged in as in windows.


Accessing via ftp or a ssh client (e.g., TeraTerm or PuTTY)

connect to

use your UNIX password html files go in your public_html directory
more info on remote access to unix accounts can be found here.

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