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arrowHome arrow Fac/Staff arrow Eduroam access now available to PSU faculty/staff/students Saturday, 29 April 2017  
Eduroam access now available to PSU faculty/staff/students Print
Written by Janaka Jayawardena   
Thursday, 02 February 2017

PSU (via the Office of Information Technologies) has joined Eduroam. If you travel to other campuses, this means that your Odin ID login credentials can be used to get on the Internet by using the wifi at cooperating academic/research institutions. This includes local universities, such as OSU and UO, as well as a large list of US-based institutions:

and international locations:


An MCECS faculty member who was at a conference in Australia just reported that he was able to connect to the wifi there using Eduroam without any problems.

To get more details and instructions on how to test your Eduroam access, visit OIT’s Eduroam page:

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