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Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Maseeh College computer accounts fall into four major categories:

Class Accounts
Major/Grad Accounts
Faculty/Staff/Guest Account
Short term Wireless account

The requirements for creating each type of account are slightly different, but all new accounts must be "validated" before they become active. The "validation sheet" is printed and delivered to the person requesting the account. It contains the account-holder's name, username, password, and e-mail address, along with other information pertinent to the account. After validation, it usually takes 1-2 business days for the account to become active.

Faculty/staff/guest account validations are completed by a member of theCAT and delivered to the departmental office. The office staff then pass the information along to the account holder.

Students must come to one of theCAT front desks to validate their own accounts. To validate an account, you can either use CRAM or the student can bring photo ID to a CAT front desk in FAB (room 82-01) and requests that their account(s) be validated. If a student's name is not in the database, it's usually because the name did not appear on one of the electronic lists mentioned above. Front desk hours can be found here

All students are required to have an account before they can use any of the labs. Faculty members are requested to notify their students of this requirement. The ideal method is to include a note on the class syllabus and/or to announce it at the first class meeting.

Class Accounts – To ensure that the class accounts are available when classes begin, your request must be received at least 2 weeks before the first class meeting.

Class accounts are authorized by faculty for students enrolled in lower-division classes or in classes that are taught at off-campus locations (at OCATE, for example). They are created on the basis of an entire class needing accounts in order to complete classwork. Students who receive class accounts are not otherwise eligible for a Maseeh College computer account.

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